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Fair Work Commission
Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services
National Disability Insurance Scheme
Social Role Valorisation


“SOCIAL ROLE VALORIZATION” (SRV) is the name given to a concept for transacting human relationships and human service, formulated in 1983 by Wolf Wolfensberger, Ph.D., as the successor to his earlier formulation of the principle of normalization (Lemay, 1995; Wolfensberger, 1972; Wolfensberger, 1983). His most recent definition of Social Role Val- orization is: “The application of empirical knowledge to the shaping of the current or potential social roles of a party (i.e., person, group, or class) — primarily by means of enhancement of the party’s competencies & image — so that these are, as much as possible, positively valued in the eyes of the perceivers” (Wolfensberger & Thomas, 2005).

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