A Community Access and Lifestyle Support Service

Specialising in Lifestyle and Recreation


Lifestyle Connections, as a registered not-for-profit charity, undertakes some fundraising activities for the direct benefit of our valued Service Users and enhancement of services provided by our Association.


Lifestyle Connections Association Inc. provides people with one-on-one lifestyle supports and assistance so that they have opportunities to connect with their community in a valuable and genuine way.

Lifestyle Connections has an online donation page on the GiveNow platform at:

GiveNow – “Enable Activity” Fund Appeal

to accept donations for our innovative and unique ‘Enable Activity’ Fund Appeal, which raises money to enable our Service Users to participate in activities otherwise outside their financial reach.

READ about the benefits of ‘Enable Activity’ for our Service Users, support staff and whole organisation on the GiveNow site.

SHARE the link with your network of family, friends and peers, and please DONATE!


CONTAINERS FOR CHANGE – help us raise funds, recycle & help the environment

Lifestyle Connections is registered with COEX for Containers For Change  www.containersforchange.com.au/qld/  – 10c refund for eligible containers (drink cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles), with:


SCHEME ID C10049638


  • Take your containers to Refund Points and donate the refund by ET to Lifestyle Connections using our Scheme ID; or
  • Drop your containers at our Lifestyle Connections Office; or
  • Place your containers in our mobile bins if you spot them at local venues like markets, sports venues, shops and community events.



To make a donation directly to Lifestyle Connections Association Inc. either:

  • Send a cheque made out to Lifestyle Connections Association Inc to PO Box 676, Bungalow, Qld 4870 – please include your name and return address to receive your receipt; or
  • Make a direct deposit to our bank account – please contact our office (07) 40356771 to receive bank details.



Unless the donor gives specific wishes for the use of their Direct Donation, the funds received from Direct Donations, the GiveNow platform, and Containers For Change refunds are used to provide direct support to Lifestyle Connections’ Service Users via our practical and innovative Activity Fund – ‘Enable Activity’.




Reason for Fund: Our Service Users pay for the costs of their chosen community activity for themselves, but also pay the activity fees and expenses for their Support Person. For some Service Users (most on Disability Support Pensions and unemployed) this has meant they cannot attend a desired activity as the cost is too prohibitive. Others have not paid their activity bills and sadly can no longer attend those activities.

Objective: To establish and maintain an Activity Fund “Enable Activity” to cover activity fees/expenses for Support Persons, so the Service User can participate in that one-off or special community activity of their choice that would otherwise not be financially possible for them. Funds are not used to pay for Support Persons’ support hours.


Benefits of “Enable Activity” for our Service Users:

  • more community access and participation,
  • enable attendance at activities and events that they otherwise would not be able to,
  • have greater choice and control over their chosen activities,
  • attend events that are outside their town/suburban limits, and
  • enhance community activities.


Benefits of “Enable Activity” for our Organisation:

  • better able to accommodate Service Users’ choice and control,
  • broaden the types of activities Service Users can access,
  • enhance community wellbeing, and
  • a unique bonus to help current and attract new Service Users.


All donations over $2 made to Lifestyle Connections Association Inc.

(eg. via Give Now, COEX or as a direct gift) are tax deductible.



If you would like further information or to discuss any aspect of making a donation, please contact the Lifestyle Connections office on (07) 40356771.