A Community Access and Lifestyle Support Service

Specialising in Lifestyle and Recreation

Disability Services Cairns

Welcome to our organisations website. Lifestyle Connections is a disability support service in cairns. We provide support to people in the Cairns area in their home and to access their community.

Lifestyle Connections Association Inc. provides people with one-on-one lifestyle supports and assistance so that they have opportunities to connect with their community in a valuable and genuine way. We are committed in a vision for all people with disabilities to achieve their vision of an ordinary life and have a valued role in community.


Opentute is your open institute and we are proudly using this suite of learning tools at https://my.lifestyleconnections.com.au (internal intranet) and https://inc.lifestyleconnections.com.au (free open learning community).

What we love about the Opentute web and apps tools includes:

  • Learning: we can create and track learning on mobiles and all devices easily and seamlessly
  • Channels: much like with social media like Linkedin, users can create private or public channels, or even sell monthly memberships with Stripe credit card payments
  • Newsfeed: much like on Facebook, users see a custom news feed of the latest learning, channel updates and news from users followed
  • Community: more so than when using Yammer, using an Opentute portal really adds the sense of community
  • Instant Messaging: just like on Slack, users can collaborate in channels and instant message each other (where enabled)
  • Document libraries: mush like Dropbox, we distribute and maintain the latest documents in channels as an elibrary
  • Reporting and Analytics: as you’d expect from any learning solution, you can generate efficient and effective reports and analytics to rapidly track progress for your learning community
  • Promotion: using open API on Zapier, we have the power of app automation, whether that is keeping our calendars in sync or posting the latest health updates from the New York Times…
  • Videos: it’s simple to paste a Youtube or Vimeo link anywhere to share videos with members
  • eCommerce: like on Shopify, it’s awesome that we can sell courses and channel memberships simply by using Stripe

How do I can I get a portal?

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