A Community Access and Lifestyle Support Service

Specialising in Lifestyle and Recreation


Lifestyle Connections Association Incorporated was founded in January 1993 as an alternative to traditional services which supported people in congregated and segregated settings. We were families who believed that if their family members with a disability were given the right opportunities in life that they could achieve. We wanted them to have the same opportunities enjoyed by the rest of the community. We wanted our children to have the chance to succeed and the chance to fail. After all, life’s experiences are what develop us. Lifestyle Connections Association Incorporated was originally founded to support people in recreational and leisure pursuits only. In 2012 we expanded to include lifestyle support and in 2015 we changed our name to Lifestyle Connections Association Inc. in preparation for the NDIS and to more accurately reflect services offered.

For a more detailed account on the Associations history, click this link to open our History-eFlip Book .