Management Committee

The Management Committee is the governing body for the Association. Its role is to set the Association’s strategic direction, ensure that objectives are met and take responsibility for the Association’s compliance with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Code of Conduct.

Megan (President)

Megan, with a rich educational background including a BA in History, Graduate Diplomas in Librarianship and Industrial Relations, and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, has dedicated over a decade to various leadership roles in community service and advocacy. As the Executive Officer of South Port Day Links Inc for six years, she contributed significantly by attending management committee meetings, preparing reports, and drafting policies. Her commitment extended to roles such as Committee Member and Public Officer for the Victorian Community Transport Association, Director and Secretary for the New International Bookshop, and leadership positions within the Victorian Colleges Staff Association. Since moving to Cairns in 2014, Megan has been an active committee member and Secretary for Lifestyle Connections, leveraging her extensive experience in governance, strategic planning, and NDIS readiness to support services for older people and contribute to community welfare.

Linda (Treasurer)

Linda, a London native who relocated to Cairns, boasts a diverse career that spans from bookkeeping for family businesses to becoming the financial controller for Great Adventures and Green Island Resort. With a Bachelor of Commerce from James Cook University and CPA certification, Linda’s academic and professional journey reflects her deep expertise in accounting, financial management, and strategic planning. Her commitment to community service is evident in her roles as a Justice of the Peace, a member of the Golden Key National Honours Society, and her involvement with the Institute of Internal Auditors – Australia. After retiring in 2017 to care for her husband, Linda continued to contribute to her community through volunteer work with Meals on Wheels, Lifestyle Connections, where she serves on the Management Committee and as Treasurer since 2018, and other local organizations. Her life story is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and dedication to both her profession and her community.

Sue (Secretary)

Sue has built a distinguished career over 35 years, balancing family commitments with roles in environmental science and community service. Her journey began with part-time positions as a university tutor, museum assistant, and research scientist across Sydney, Armidale, and Darwin, where she engaged in a wide range of activities from teaching to field research. Sue then dedicated 25 years to environmental science, working in both consulting and government roles in Darwin and Cairns, Queensland. Her work focused on environmental assessments and surveys across northern Australia and Indonesia, contributing significantly to the field.

In retirement, Sue continues her research interests in North Queensland and has been an active member of Lifestyle Connections since 2000. This involvement, driven by personal values of inclusion and community support, led her to serve in various committee roles, including Vice President and Secretary. Through continuous learning and governance training, Sue has significantly contributed to the organization, advocating for individuals’ rights to lead fulfilling lives.

Bill (Member)

Bill’s career began in the Public Trust Office, serving in Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Cairns until 1992. His life took a new direction when he joined the management committee of Leisure Connections in 1993, motivated by a desire to support his son Lindsay and others with disabilities. Bill’s commitment to disability rights deepened as he balanced farm work with advocacy, serving as Treasurer of Lifestyle Connections from 1996 to 2018 and participating in QPPD (Queensland Parents for People with a Disability Inc) for five years. Raised on a dairy farm and educated in a one-teacher school, Bill values family, with five children and fifteen grandchildren, enjoys swimming, farming, and investing in the share market. His extensive governance training and committee experience, including strategic planning and NDIS readiness, underscore his dedication to empowering individuals with disabilities.

Andrew (Member)

Andrew brings a wealth of experience in management, project management, and youth services, underpinned by his comprehensive educational background. His commitment to enhancing regional disability services is evident in his desire to join the Lifestyle Connections board, where he aims to offer strategic advice drawn from his extensive work across various industries and disability service providers. As Operations Manager and Acting CEO at Down Syndrome Qld, Andrew spearheaded initiatives that significantly increased membership and revenue, demonstrating his capability in leading cultural change and developing NDIS funded programs. His involvement with Lifestyle Connections since November 2022 as a remote committee member from Brisbane, alongside his leadership roles in various community and professional boards, showcases his dedication to supporting disability services and community sports. Andrew’s expertise spans human resources, recruitment, communications, and event and project development, making him a valuable asset to any management committee.