A Community Access and Lifestyle Support Service

At Lifestyle Connections Association Inc, we are dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals by providing personalized lifestyle support and assistance. Our mission is to create meaningful opportunities for people to connect with their community, fostering genuine relationships and an inclusive environment.

Founded in 1993 by Cairns parents as Leisure Connections, our organization has evolved significantly. Renamed Lifestyle Connections in 2015, we now better reflect our wide range of services and our dedication to empowering individuals to lead fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their community.

Join us in making a difference – because everyone deserves to live a connected and fulfilling life.



Choice is a key element in lifestyle, recreation and lesiure pursuits, and we tailor support to meet people's personal plan and growth


We believe that suporting people individually is the best way to enable them to attain a valued role in their community


All people have the right to be part of their community and to experience life's opportunities


At Lifestyle Connections, we tailor our services to embrace the distinct needs of each individual. Our commitment centers on assisting you in navigating challenges and achieving your aspirations. We advocate for a compassionate and empowering approach, offering the support you need to lead the life you envision. Together, we are dedicated to fostering a society that celebrates inclusivity and embraces diversity.


People with a disability who:

  • are over the age of 16 years;
  • reside in the Cairns region, from Gordonvale to Palm Cove;
  • meet the Queensland Disability Services eligibility critera; or
  • are registered as National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants; and/or
  • have their own financial resources
Support Coordination
Core Supports
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A family driven lifestyle, recreation and leisure support service operated by Management Committee consisting of parents and interested community members.


Families are our greatest resource and we actively see their input to help the person with a disability maximize choice and control over their own lives


We assist people to:

  • plan what support they need;
  • choose suitable support people;
  • accomplish daily living activities;
  • participate in social and community activities;
  • enhance and maintain independence, self-confidence and self-esteem; 
  • build capacity and improve or maintain skills 
  • keep a job by supporting people in the workplace;
  •  improve lifelong learning;
  •  maintain health and well-being; and 
  • achieve their goals and decide outcomes.
Plan Management
Tailored Support Services

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